First Half-Marathon

Post-Race, First Half-Marathon

My name is Madelyn.  I love to run. I love to read.

I am a runner who loves to read.

This blog is a space for me to share my thoughts on my two favorite hobbies, reading and running,

as well as the other odds & ends.

I am a twenty-something living in Virginia.  I recently graduated from college with my B.A. in Art History  and a minor in Studio Art.  I work in a library.  During my free-time I run.

Sixth Annual Art Students' Juried Exhibition. My 'Teapot in Black & White.'  - Porcelain with glaze, slab/hand built.

Sixth Annual Art Students’ Juried Exhibition. My ‘Teapot in Black & White.’ – Porcelain with glaze, slab/hand-built.

I also read. A LOT.

I am an online graduate student working towards earning my Masters in Library & Information Science.  Yes… I said it, Library Science.  “What in the world is that? And WHAT do you need that for???”  Glad you asked!  I want to be a LIBRARIAN!  And yes, again, you heard me correctly… a librarian, a career choice that requires an MLS/MLIS.

I also have goals in regards to my running.  I recently completed my first half marathon and am counting down the days to cross my next finish line.  I also plan on completing my first full marathon November 2013… and a 50K Trail run December 2013.

This blog contains the triumphs, the training, and the tears of my journey to a becoming a full marathoner and ultra runner.  Posts include tips, tricks, do’s and don’t’s, race reviews, healthy eating, and anything else running.  sidenote:  i can’t promise these topics will be pretty or sugar-coated… running has its ugly days…

Running Ugliness...

Running Ugliness…

This blog contains my adventures in pursuing my dream job as a librarian.  Book reviews.  New Releases. Funny encounters at the library.  You’d be surprised at the things I see, hear, and/or find, at the library; weird things are a common occurrence.

Librarian Problems... leaving with more books everyday.

Librarian Problems… leaving with more books everyday.  



11 thoughts on “About

    • I actually, just last night, decided to run the Anthem Richmond Marathon, November 16th, instead. I have family there and can skip the hotel bill this way. I don’t know why I didn’t think about it before. (The “junk food stations” at the Richmond Marathon were really the deciding factor…) Thanks for following! Hope you enjoy reading my posts!

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog! Excited to follow yours. If you don’t mind me asking where in VA are you? I am originally from Charlottesville and couldn’t help but notice your mention of a UVa obsession in your running shoe post. Also, I’m running Richmond Marathon too! Good luck with training!!

      • I used to go to UVa basketball camp as a kid too! Crazy! I haven’t run Richmond before. This will be my second marathon and my first was OBX. I have heard great things about though so I am excited!

      • Honestly, I’m most excited about those junk food stations. I was going to do OBX but I have family in Richmond and thought it would be more fun to have a cheering squad waiting for me.

      • Yeah this race will be easier for my family too as they’re all still in VA. They came to OBX too but it will be nice to have a free place to stay with them for this one!

  2. Hey. I like your blog. I am also a reader and runner. I live in NYC and am training for a 2014 marathon. Check out my blog at runwright.weebly.com

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