2014 Race Schedule Update

I posted earlier this month about my “goals” for 2014.  In that post I mentioned a few of the races I was planning on running and a few tentative ones… Welllllllll…. I am excited to tell you that I have officially signed up for two (well, technically 5) races in the upcoming year!


First, I will be running the Flying Pirate Half Marathon and 5k in the Outer Banks, NC, May 2014.  I will be running both races for the Flying Pirate Double Dare Challenge!  


The challenge is to run the First Flight 5k on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday.  Luckily, my boyfriend, Trae will be running the 5k with me, as he promised he would run a race with me for my birthday… this is a month late, but I’m not complaining.


The 5k route is being changed from last year, so as of right now, I don’t have a course map, however, I know that it will take place somewhere around the Wright Brother’s Memorial (hence the name, First Flight).


Photo taken from Flying Pirate Half Marathon Website

The Half Marathon starts in Kitty Hawk and takes you through the Wright Brothers’ Memorial Trail.  This runs along the Albemarle Sound.  A few miles in, runners will make their way through a residential area of Bay Drive.  Mile 8 takes runners to the Wright Brothers Monument (this marks the location of the first aviation flight – December 17, 1903).  Mile 10 begins the trail portion of the race, leading runners into the Nags Head Woods Nature Preserve.  Mile 12 is where things get a little tough, a narrow trail leads runners out of the woods and onto an off-road route that includes sand…  Here’s a look at the finish:


Photo taken from Flying Pirate Half Marathon Website


Then, in October, I will be heading to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for the Runner’s World Half & Festival to run the Runner’s World Hat-trick (5k, 10k, & Half-Marathon)!!!


5k Start – Photo taken from Runner’s World Half & Festival Website

I will be heading up there on Friday to check out the Expo.  Saturday morning, 8:00am I will run the 5k, followed by the 10k starting at 9:30am.  Sunday, I will finish up the weekend with the half-marathon.


The Stacks – Photo taken from the Runner’s World Half & Festival website

The race weekend also hosts seminars, live music, movies, and guest speakers like Bart Yasso.  You might even catch the editors running next to you during a race.

The race courses feature Bethlehem’s historic neighborhoods, including some of the town’s original 1741 settlement, two renowned colleges, Lehigh University and Moravian College, and the former Bethlehem Steel complex–where the backbone of the nation was literally forged. – Runner’s World

Here’s a tour of the course compliments of Bart Yasso and David Willey (this video has the dates for the 2012 race, so ignore those!) :

I have some really awesome races to look forward to this year!  I am ridiculously excited for all five of these races and can’t wait to experience them all.  I am a little nervous about running the Hat Trick, that’s 22.4 miles in two days, but I will be in the last portion of my Richmond Marathon training, so I’m thinking this will be the perfect endurance challenge.  However, after seeing how many hills are incorporated into the Runner’s World course, I really need to go find some hills to run!

Anyone else running these races, or have run them in the past?  Which races are you most excited about this year?


3 thoughts on “2014 Race Schedule Update

  1. I ran the Runner’s World 10k in 2013 and loved it! It is definitely hilly but at least with the 10k all the hills were in the first half of the race which really helped me get through it. Plus the biggest hills are in downtown Bethlehem and there were lots of local business owners cheering the runners on! It was such a fun race!

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