Weekly Workouts 1/6 – 1/12

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This post is a little delayed, Monday and Tuesday were non-stop days for me and this is the first moment that I’ve had some free, sitting still time.

Monday (1/6):  The beginning of the FREEZE, and day after the 10-miler = Rest Day.  I did, however, discover Orange is the New Black on Netflix… and I can’t stop watching it.  It’s a little risqué and therefore cannot be watched while running on the YMCA treadmill. But, if you have Netflix (and you like a lot of the shows on HBO and are not offended by the things seen on HBO) you should definitely check out this show.  I feel a little behind because apparently the Season 2 trailer is already out and about.


Orange is the New Black, Netflix

Tuesday (1/7):  Deep Freeze.  There was no way I was going out in the morning before work.  I read a lot of blogs from runners in the North that deal with these temperatures daily, but I am not quite used to that, nor am I extreme winter-weather gear prepared.

Wednesday (1/8):  3.95 miles, (5k:  30:23, 9:48 pace).   Headed to the gym to run on the treadmill.  Did some warm-up jogging, ran a 5-k, and did some cool down jogging.  Now that I have Netflix on my phone, I can basically watch whatever I want to, so I decided to watch a movie that I have been meaning to watch for a long time, The Spirit of the Marathon.  (I know, I know, I can’t believe it took me this long either…) The people on the treadmills next to me probably thought I had some crazy running obsession (hmmm…), watching running while running; seems perfectly reasonable to me.


Spirit of the Marathon, 2007

Thursday (1/9):  2.31 miles, (2.11 miles, 19:14, 9:06 pace, .20 cool down) and 75 min Hot Yoga.  It was a really really nice day compared to the beginning of the week and I took complete advantage of that.  I woke up and went on a short run around the neighborhood.  After work, I met my friend Katie for some Hot Yoga.  It has been awhile since I’ve gone to a yoga class, so it was much-needed.  (And geeeeeez I was sore the next day!!!)

Friday (1/10): Unbelievably stretched out and sore from yoga the night before. Plus, I had some plans for today… For the first time in 11 years, I went to a hair salon and had my hair cut.  Until Friday, my hair went past my hips.  It was very long.  I was gifted with a certificate to get my hair done for Christmas, so I thought I’d be brave and finally go for it.

 I told a lot of people that I was doing this to my hair

(Yes, that’s my face and Gwyneth Paltrow’s hair):


But this is what really happened (before on left, after on right):


I know it isn’t super drastic, but that was a lot of hair for me to part with, especially after having that same haircut for 11-ish years.  Maybe next time.20140115-071657.jpg

Saturday (1/11):  Had to work all day… and then I indulged in this delicious cookie… No shame, it was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.


And then THIS happened… Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet from Chili’s

Sunday (1/12): 13 miles (2:33:00) It was a GORGEOUS day here in Virginia Beach on Sunday.  RunFriend and I met up and headed to the trails.  We decided to change-up our normal route and take a completely different trail.  We both had run it before, but not in a long time.  It was tough, lots of hills, and due to the storm the night before, LOTS of mud.  We even had to basically forge our own path through the woods on the side because there was about a mile of pure mud on the trail.  It was a tough, slow, but really great run.  On nice days like this, you have to stop and admire the scenery.  It wasn’t a race, I was out there enjoying the day and nature and my run.




Sunday evening we celebrated my mom’s birthday at HK on the Bay.  It was delicious as always.  I enjoyed a Dragon Fruit Masonjito (the drinks are served in Mason jars) and some Chicken tequila lime fajitas, a few bites of steak nachos, fresh tuna steak, and lettuce wraps.  We had a smorgasbord.   The guys were happy because they were able to still catch the playoff game.  Happy Birthday Mom!!



Masonjitos! … and my sister’s finger?


Week’s Total Miles:  19.26 miles

Run This Year 2014km Total:  53.84 km


One thought on “Weekly Workouts 1/6 – 1/12

  1. Oh my god I LOOOOVE Orange is the New Black! I read the book too and it’s totally different from the show – at one point in the book she’s like “Oh I never saw much lesbian activity there” and I literally started laughing because that’s so different from the show! And I also just watched Spirt of the Marathon and loved it! Great milage last week, looks like you’re off to a great start for Run This Year!

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