Last Week: Test run, football, & race-day

9/30 – 10/6

Monday – took a test run of 5 miles.  I was happy to report that this run went very well.  NO pain or soreness.  This was the test to see if I could continue running and to determine whether or not I should have deferred my race entry to the Crawlin’ Crab Half… as you all know now, I decided to run the race.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – A little yoga here, a few ab workouts there… as much as I wanted to run, I wanted to be sure that I didn’t injure myself before the race so I took it easy.

Saturday – Headed to the race expo and packet pick-up.  Picked out my race-day attire.  Headed to my alma mater for my first football game as an alum, it happened to be the Homecoming game too!  I am fortunate enough to have a pretty cool friend who took us out on to the field for a portion of the game.  Definitely a cool experience.


Race Swag


Race Day Outfit – Pro Compression socks & Brooks PureConnect 2’s


On the ODU football field


Yes, I paint my toes black, so you can’t see the black runner toes 😉

Sunday – RACE DAY – 13.1 Miles at the Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon

Look for a race review sometime this week!  Looking forward to telling you all about it.  P.S. This runner totally has her groove back… Already trying to find another half to sneak in for November.  I’m debating between the Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon and the Virginia Running Festival Half Marathon.  They are being held on the same day.


Post-race picture – Crawlin’ Crab Half-Marathon

Did you race this past weekend?  How was it?


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