Sick in September?!

I’ve been MIA for a few, but I have good reason…  A sinus infection is attacking my face, head, and teeth.  I haven’t felt very good and actually I feel rather delirious.  So don’t think I’ve up and left the blogging world, I just can’t muster up more than a thought or two at a time right now… Rottenecards_77989216_nf629287p6

I promise to be back soon!  This weekend I hope!  Get ready for a new ab routine and maybe a new recipe!  Oh and a review on some delicious new snacks!

Take this as a warning… Sick season is coming, so stock up on some Emergen-C or Airborne or whatever it is you take to prevent the nasty colds that are about to take over.

Be well. Talk to you all in a few! 🙂



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