9/9 – 9/15 Weekly workouts, a silver lining, and an ankle update

9/9 – 9/15
Yes, technically this was week 14 of marathon training but considering this was another week without running, it just doesn’t seem right to count it as a “Marathon Training Week.”

Speaking of running… I FINALLY went on my first run since that dreaded Wednesday three weeks ago. It was only a short 2.25 miles, but at least there were mileS with an “S.” And not just miles, but miles that I RAN! I didn’t have any pain, or uncomfortable aches. But I can tell that my right ankle is weaker than my left. I immediately iced and ibuprofen-ed as soon as I was finished just for precaution. I was terrified that I was going to feel it the next morning, but I am happy to report that I felt perfectly fine. I am planning on taking a run outside today after work and that will be the real test.


Yay! for first run back this past Monday!

Silver Linings. The past three weeks have sucked.  If you read my blog regularly or follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been quite miserable.  And although I really wish I didn’t have to deal with those three weeks, I can’t say that they completely went to waste.  I used to practice yoga regularly when I was working out at the Y.  My schedule and life started taking over and running was more important.  These few weeks off however, have allowed me to pick yoga back up and for that I am thankful.  I even bought 10 classes at a local studio; my first class is tonight!

Monday (9/9):  1 hr. Beginner Combination Yoga

Tuesday (9/10):


  • 20 min. Erin Motz Yoga for opening hips
  • Tone It Up workout video x 2:  Butterfly lunges, Walkouts with tricep dips, plank push-ups, alternating side plank, tornadoes.
  • Tone It Up move of the day:  Tabletop crunches
  • 9-Way Abs20130917-110110.jpg

    I even convinced my sister to come join me in some yoga.


    I was thrilled that I was actually able to do this Half-Tripod Headstand

Wednesday (9/11):  Went to the doctor for ankle.  Had an x-ray which showed that there was nothing wrong.  Doctor determined I had tendonitis.  She told me that “sometimes it’s better to work or run through the pain.” Interesting theory, but luckily there wasn’t any pain when I attempted a run this past Monday.

I also made these EASY beyond belief Pumpkin Muffins…


Thursday (9/12):  Today was Trae’s Birthday!!!


This is my yoga goal

Friday (9/13):  Work all day… Friday the 13th won.  This was a bad day.  Forgot my check card in my pants pocket from the day before.  Went to get coffee and was at the register with food and coffee in hand and realized I had nothing to pay with.  Thank goodness my mom was meeting me for lunch, because I would have starved… and it just went on from there.

Saturday (9/14): 

  • Erin Motz Yoga – 40:00
  • Abs:  Leg Raises/Toe Touches/Bicycles routine

Sunday (9/15):  went on a road trip to Richmond to take engagement photos for a friend of mine.  (I’m also a bridesmaid in their wedding!)  We got a pretty decent walk in because we took the photos all over the Maymont property.  This place is huge, great place to go on a run, especially if you’re looking for some hills.  Wish it was closer to where I live…


A picture of a picture… Sam & Matt’s engagement photo-session.  The lighting was so perfect on Sunday, I barely have to edit any of them!  It was beautiful outside.

Also, this week I received an email letting me know I had been accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador!  && my pink shoelaces have been ordered and are on their way!  So excited and honored to be a part of this fabulous group.


It has been cooling off down here at the beach, so sweaters are on my mind.  I WANT THIS ONE!!! I love the long open cardigan ones like this.  You can appropriately wear leggings or jeans and look nice but still comfortable.  The perfect mixture.  Unfortunately, when I checked, Dainty Hooligan was sold out… If anyone sees a sweater like this elsewhere, let me know!


How was your week of workouts, runs, etc.?

Favorite fall recipes? Feel like sharing?

Any tips for yoga headstands?  Have a favorite yoga pose, or one you’re dying to master?


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