Review: Camelbak Annadel (2012 model)

*I paid for the Camelbak Annadel with my own money.  I am not affiliated with Running Warehouse or Camelbak.  All opinions found here are my own.*

About a month ago, I received my Running Warehouse purchase in the mail. Before I get into the actual product, let me just say that Running Warehouse ships FASSSSSSSSTTTTTT!!! My package was here before I could close my laptop from ordering it (not really, but you get the gist)!

I had decided that with my runs getting longer, a handheld water bottle just wasn’t enough. Going out onto the trails, there are two water fountains that can easily get very far away from you (unless your running loops…blah). I checked out all different brands and even tried to order one from Amazon but the seller never shipped it (I’m still waiting on my giftcard refund which really irks me, by the way). I ended up at Running Warehouse and luckily saw that they were having their 2012 liquidation sale. The Camelbak Annadel (2012) was marked down from $55.00 to $32.88; I also had a promo code knocking the price to about $25.00! Great deal!


Here are the details straight from Running Warehouse’s site:

“Designed with a Women’s specific fit for utmost comfort on-the-move, the CamelBak Annadel 2012 holds 50 oz of hands-free hydration via the slim and lightweight Antidote™ Reservoir, with two external pockets for essentials.”


It has a clip-in strap that runs across the top of your chest. This picture was taken before I figured out how to tighten it. Now, I don’t even use the clip-in strap because I prefer the pack to be tighter around my shoulders than around my chest. Both ways work well though, just depends on where you want the tightness to be.


Again, now that I’ve figured out the strap “tightening mechanism” the pack sits a lot higher than it appears in the picture and doesn’t move around.




  • Love the Bullet Bite Valve. It’s so easy to take a sip while in the middle of running without having to stop or get water all over myself.
  • Holds a lot of water, but doesn’t feel like it.
  • Large pocket with separate sections so you can easily find items without taking the pack off.
  • Easy access smaller pocket. With all the pockets, I can fit my phone, keys, food, even extra bottle of water if I needed it for a run without a place to fill up again.
  • The size of the bladder holds enough water for me to get through a 15-mile run without having to fill up again.
  • (Once I figured out the straps) The fit is really good and it doesn’t bounce around


  • Unless you know how these crazy straps work, they can be somewhat confusing
  • I’m still trying to figure out how to get moisture out of the tube. I’m afraid that it’s going to get moldy.
  • Going on a long run, you’re bound to get sweaty. These straps start smelling. I guess that isn’t really a con, it’s just what happens when you sweat. But this thing has to be handwashed…


Definitely a good purchase, especially for the price!  I take it with me on every long run, and even on some shorter runs that I don’t feel like carrying a bottle or need to have my phone, keys, and anything extra.

Do you use a Camelbak? Love it, like it, hate it?

If you don’t use one, what brand do you use?  How do you hydrate?

* Side Note:  

Guest blogging at The Skinny Student today! Check out my post:   Reading Runner Girl Takes Over


9 thoughts on “Review: Camelbak Annadel (2012 model)

  1. That’s a great deal for a camelbak! I’ve got the camelbak bladder that you can put in a larger backpack ( i’m wearing it in my profile pic) and I’m pretty much permanently attached to it. I haven’t figured out how to clean the tube either but I’ve had it over a year and I’ve not been poisoned yet. The only con I’ve found is that it’s a faff to take out and refill at water stations on longer races so for those I switch to raidlight bottle carriers which attach to the front straps of your pack. It makes me look like a milking machine but hey, it works for me!

    • Yeah, it’s difficult to fill if you’re in a rush. I haven’t decided if I’m going to wear it during my marathon. I ran empty-handed during my half this past June and was fine with the amount of water stops. The marathon however, it would be really nice to be able to carry my food, etc. Hmmm…

      • I prefer to take small sips as and when I need them rather than drinking whole cups at water stations and that means I can carry a few energy bars as well, but I know most people don’t bother. If you train wearing your pack and bladder you become used to wearing it so it shouldn’t impact your running on the day 🙂

  2. I use a handheld amphipod bottle, but like you, am considering trying out something else for my really long runs since my handbottle only holds 16 ounces of fluid. I may check out the camelback – thank you for the review!

    Love your blog by the way. I love running and reading as well. Am reading Killian Jornet’s book “Run or Die” right now – it’s actually pretty good so far.

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