Marathon Training Week 10

Week 10:  8/12 – 8/18

If you read or saw the previous post, you will know that I was on vacation this past week.  Running was put on the back burner because the weather was on it’s own crazy schedule and there was a lot going on with family I hadn’t seen in a while and all the other random happenings that pop up while on vacation.  There is no itinerary with my family, so plans happen as they happen.

The runs that I did sneak in however, were really good ones.


Monday morning run

Monday: 3 miles Recovery run & 9-way abs, This was the first morning of vacation and I was really anxious and excited so I was wide awake really early.  I nicely asked made Trae get up and go explore with me.  My mom’s bike had been stolen that night while we were sleeping, which really made me mad.  Perhaps that’s why my recovery run was so fast.  I ran 2 miles with an average pace of 8:46 (M1:  8:19, M2:  9:16).  Then I walked another mile with Trae.

When we got back to the house, Trae and I did a 9-way ab/core workout.  It was intense to say the least.  My sides were so sore the next morning from the side planks.

Tuesday:  Beach day, did a lot of swimming!


Wednesday:  4.12 miles and 9-way abs, average pace:  8:37, M1:  8:40 M2:  8:48  M3:  8:45  M4:  8:12  the last .12:  1:03,  this run completely surprised me!  I guess all this running has really started to make a difference in my speed.  The run felt really good and I am excited to see how my average pace changes in the next couple months.  For this run I stayed within our little neighborhood and then went up the stairs and beach boardwalk to the sand.  I ended up doing this loop 2.5 times.   When I made it back to the house I did another round of the 9-way abs.




Went up these stairs and around to complete each loop



Thursday:  it rained 😦

Friday:  it was finally sunny so I laid on the beach for hours.  No shame….

Saturday:  first day back to work… wasn’t in a very pleasant mood.  Do you blame me?

Sunday:  Long Run, 11.5 miles, the plan was to run 15, however, around mile 6 I realized I was absolutely starving… like my stomach was a bottomless pit and I could feel the hollowness and emptiness.  I pushed until I knew that food was absolutely necessary.  I wasn’t hungry when I had left for my run and just coming back from vacation, our pantry held nothing appealing.  Therefore, I brought no food with me. Stupid, stupid, stupid.   I made it to mile 11.5 and decided the smartest thing to do was to go grab some lunch before I passed out from hunger.  I meant to go run the last 3.5 miles but life, errands, and the day took over.  Next weekend’s 15 is calling my name already.  Food will definitely be remembered this time.

TOTAL MILES:  18.62 miles, 2 ab/core workouts

On a side note:

1.  WaWa lied to me.  I went to get my morning coffee and was WAYYY to anxious to get my hands on some pumpkin spice… much to my disappointment, there was no pumpkin spice coffee waiting on the counter for me. WHY?!?! I had gotten my hopes up and it really put a damper on my morning… Trying back on Wednesday.

2.  I caved on compression socks.  It was such a good deal though!  Groupon had Pro Compression socks for $24.99!!!  How could anyone pass that up?!  They were selling out so fast that the only color left in my size was Red.  I don’t have any red workout gear at all!  Good excuse to go shopping, right?

10 weeks down, 13 weeks to go!

How did your weekly mileage add up?

How does a low mileage week (mind you, on vacation) make you feel?  Are you okay with it?  Or does it make you push extra hard the following week?

Experienced runners:  Are the faster runs just a fluke?  Or am I really getting that much faster?!


12 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 10

  1. So bummed that I missed that groupon deal! I love to wear compression socks after my long run. It feels like someone is hugging/massaging your lower legs. Congrats on your awesome runs this week!

  2. Suffering through summer weather will always make you faster come fall! With these cooler temps, I think you are getting a sneak peak of what is in your running future! Great job!!!

  3. Ahhhh pumpkin spice coffee. I’m so ready for the fall and all the delicious treats that come with it!

    As for your faster times, my husband (a very experienced runner and wise, wise man) once told me that a bad (slow) workout is just a fluke, but a good (fast) workout is a true indicator of what you’re capable of. Workouts that just go poorly are usually because of external factors. But you’ve got to have the fitness in order to have a stellar, fast run.. So, yeah, my vote is you’re getting faster!

  4. The more you train the faster you get! I find now that a pace I struggled with 18 months ago now feels comfortable, although I don’t think I’ll ever be a speed runner. But then, who knows what pace we’ll be hitting twelve months from now? Also…why haven’t I ever had pumpkin spice coffee? Don’t tell me its not available in the UK!

    • It just felt like a major jump in pace for me, but I am certainly okay with it. It feels good to actually see the progress! And you HAVE to go and find yourself some pumpkin spice coffee! It’s delicious with a little bit of French vanilla creamer! Seriously, best fall drink ever.

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