I got that summertime, summertime sadness…

…because it’s already past mid-August, and my vacation has already come and gone…

Anyways, I’m back and vacation was so much fun.  A portion of my family was down at the beach at the same time so I was able to hangout and visit with cousins I hadn’t seen in a few years.  Almost every night we were down there we gathered for some reason or another so it made for a lot of fun and there was always some source of entertainment.  Unfortunately with the weather being so crazy this week, raining, storming, being in the 70s?! I was only able to get in two runs while on vacation.  I was going to soak up as much sun, beach, and family time as possible while I was down there, so I let running become a lesser priority for the week.  Tisk, Tisk, shame on me, whatever…

Here’s a quick recap of my trip.


Heading down to Rodanthe…

Trae and I had a late start because he had a golf tournament.  But as soon as he got home we were out of there!  I was standing at the window waiting for him with all the bags packed and sitting out the door…. I was very anxious.  Good thing we only live a couple of hours away.  We did have to drive through a pretty crazy lightning storm.  Apparently there was also a UFO trying to beam us up as well.


We made it though and my mom was extremely happy to see us, she had already been there alone for a few hours.

image copy

We had a seafood dinner with the family one night.  I’ll eat blackened tuna or mahi mahi, but that’s as far as I can go with the sea creatures…. turkey burgers for me!


James River Oysters


Everyone had fun picking crab legs too.

image 2

One of the local surf shops across the street from our neighborhood has a restaurant, bar, and back deck attached to it.  The week we happened to be down, Real Watersports and Watermen’s was hosting a music fest of sorts called SlickStock…  Reggae is one of my favorite genres of music, so I was all about this place.  And 24 oz, $3 beers?! How could anyone say no to that?!

The back deck of Watermen’s was perfect.  It was right on the sound, had a stage, dance area, a huge lawn, and two different bars.  We ended up coming up to the concert on two different nights.  It was definitely a good time with lots of dancing!


Mystic Vibrations


image copy


We had a few good beach days throughout the week, although they were quite sporadic.  It was sunny in the morning, and then it would storm all afternoon… I had to take what I could get.  Trae isn’t much of a beach-goer but he actually was out there in the water swimming and boogie boarding, which was a pleasant surprise to me!  Despite the lack of sunshine, this was a really great week.  Had an awesome time with my family, listened to some great music, had two really good runs, and even got a sunburn.  I’m already missing it!


Our house for the week

Looking forward to these last few weeks of official summer.  I plan on soaking up as much sunshine and pool/beach time as I can!  Time to get back to being serious about my marathon training.

I’ll be back to my regular blogging schedule tomorrow, hope you missed me 🙂


6 thoughts on “I got that summertime, summertime sadness…

  1. this weather? when did it magically become fall? apparently mother nature likes to go big or go home… can we just get one week with no humidity and maybe like low 80’s and feel like summer again before we go all out autumn?!?

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