Common Running Injuries

After having the odd tightness in the bottom-back of my calf earlier this week, I was checking out possible injuries, just to be on the safe side.  The tightness has subsided and actually I had a really great 7 miles yesterday, with one mile being a solid 8:00 min mile.  Maybe the extra rest day did the trick!  That was the strongest run I’ve had in a while.

While I was looking for possible injuries/causes I came across this infographic and thought I should share.  I’m definitely going to look into getting some Compression socks or calf sleeves.  The only reason I haven’t is due to the cost.  It’s hard for me to stomach $30-$50 for one pair of socks… but hey, if they work, they work, and are probably worth the money.

Common Running Injuries

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Have you experienced any of these injuries?

What’s your take on the compression socks/calf sleeves?  Do you prefer one style over the other?


12 thoughts on “Common Running Injuries

  1. Uh oh, sorry to hear your calves are giving you trouble! I used to get awful knots in my calves, and compression socks/sleeves really help! They can be pricey, but ProCompression almost always has a discount code available for 40% off if you google, and 40% off a sock of the month every month–not a bad deal!

  2. I like the pro compression socks too and have bought them using a 40% off code. Still expensive, but better than full price. I’ve never tried the sleeves, but I do like the socks. Do you use a foam roller? I try to foam roll every day and I spend extra time on my calves. It really makes a big difference for me.

    • Yep I do. Actually the day that I started feeling the tightness, I foam rolled morning and before bed, and the following day. It definitely helped. And I’m definitely going to have to invest in some compression socks especially now that my long runs are going be 15+ miles.

  3. I’ve had trouble with my calves being tight as well! I assumed it was the pair of shoes I was running in, but maybe it’s something more. Hopefully it just requires a little more dedicated stretching after my runs. Glad to hear about your solid long run! Keep it up!

  4. I have had IT Band trouble over the past few years. I’m hoping to run my first full marathon in October and so far so good. I’m super paranoid and I stretch all of the time!
    I’ve used the resistance tubes to strengthen my hips and I think that helps too.

  5. I struggle with IBS. The foam roller is my best friend. Several of my friends have Piriformis Syndrome, apparently also known as “dead butt syndrome” which they’ve dubbed DBS.

  6. Hi Madelyn,
    Compression Socks can help and there isn’t much reason not to use them but your calves are getting tight because they are shortened from running in (this is just my guess not knowing exactly what type of shoes you wear) shoes with a drop from heel to toe. I use to get calf tightness and strains (along with achilles issues etc.) before I transitioned to zero drop shoes (and eventually barefoot). I have never been one to try and convince anyone to change their way of running but the reasons your calves are tight is because they aren’t allowed to be their true full length within their fascial sheath and thereby when you run extra long, extra fast or on an extra hilly course they are stretched a bit longer than they are want to be (the shortened state that they are in). You don’t have to transition to zero drops, but being in sandals or walking in zero drop shoes as much as you can or just walking barefoot when you can.. can have a significant effect on helping to lengthen your calf and achilles.
    I wrote an extensive post on my experience transitioing to zero drop and barefooting on my blog
    I have never got tightness or hurt since I transitioned (except for this summer when I though it would be a cute idea to run in track spikes..)
    Using compression socks or foam rollers are treating the symptoms and not trying to get to the root of the problem.
    Just my 2 cents.
    Great site! I love your background.
    Found you on Friday Linkup and look forward to delving further into your site!
    Good luck with your calves!

    • I actually wear the Brooks PureConnect 2s which have a 4mm drop, so they are closer to minimalist. Looking at some Merrell’s, just not 100% sure. Eventually want to get into some Vibrams. Have any suggestions for good zero drop shoes?

      • Merrell’s make some good shoes. I have run in them but I found the one I had to be a bit unpleasant because of the rock plate in it. I think you can find a good shoe in their line though. I am a big fan of the New Balance Minimus line. I have run in the 10’s and the Zero’s. Currently run in the Road Zero’s (when not barefoot). I recommend them highly. A few friends I have helped transition also like the Newtons and they seem to do well with them (just a bit too much shoe for me).
        I don’t recommend Vibrams. I used them for a few months in the beginning of my transition and got weird top of foot tendon issues from them forcing my toes apart. If you have to intentionally spread your toes to get in them, it doesn’t make much sense. Your toes will naturally spread apart a bit (for stability) as you transition but no I am not a fan of Vibrams at all. Plus they look goofy.

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