Marathon Training Week 8

Week 8: 7/29 – 8/04

This week was a little lackluster in the “I did lots of fun things” department. We leave for vacation this coming Sunday (don’t worry I’ll still be blogging), so we are trying to lay low for a bit. Trae and I also had to house/dog sit for his parents so we were at their house all last week, therefore I didn’t have my gym near by and I had to reconfigure my usual running schedule. Not a big deal.


Monday: rest day, Trae and I indulged and went to Olive Garden. It’s probably been close to 6 months since I’ve eaten here and let me tell you… it was deeeelicious. I love their salad. It’s probably not very good for you with all the dressing and cheese, but I could honestly care less sometimes. I was even able to get a little sketching/doodling in…


I love drawing senseless “tangles” and patterns. Sometimes I think I should have gone into textile design.

Tuesday: 3.75 miles, luckily my parents live quite close to Trae’s and I was able to take a spin on their treadmill for a morning run. Made things a bit easier for me.

Wednesday: 5 miles, Progression run, read about it here. Splits: 9:07, 11:09, 10:31, 9:46, 8:56; average: 9:54. My mom joined me for this run on her bike.



Thursday: 5.10 miles, tree farm trails, read about it here. The trails here make a simple 5 – 5.25 mile loop, depending on a turn or two so it’s a nice, quick, run location.



Friday: my full day at work, so default rest day 😦

Saturday: Long run, 14.25 miles, state park trails. Ran 14.0 and walked 0.25 during water breaks, trail switches, and back to the car. Whew. I have to be honest and admit that this run was soo hard. The first 10 miles were good. The trail we looped is really shady and there is a lot of roots, elevation changes, bridges, turns, and muddy sections. There is a lot to look out for so my brain isn’t focused on any of the bad stuff. The last four miles were on the main trail which can be super dull. It’s wide and straight and for the most part clear, give or take some muddy sections. The “boringness” of the trail really gets to me. My running friend was only going for 10, so I needed to rack up 4 more miles and had to go at this part alone. I think I was mentally out of it and that’s why it seemed so hard. I’m hoping that was the wall I had to climb and from here on out it won’t seem as bad as it did.

Oh and running into a good 3 – 4 foot snake was fun HORRIFYING too! Yeah he was chilling in the middle of the main trail (surprisingly this is the first snake I’ve ever encountered here). The snake was freaking out and looked like maybe it was confused or scared and couldn’t decide which direction he was going so I half sprinted, half leaped, around and over it. Ughh I’m getting the heebie-jeebies just writing about it.


Curvy trail. So much more fun.


Mid-run fuel time!



…and the boring trail…


New fuel of choice. Starbursts.

Sunday: Rest, I had planned to do a 2-3 mile recovery run… I don’t want to write about it and jinx myself, but a muscle on the back-outside right calf closer to the bottom was really tight when I woke up. It’s feeling better now and I think a little foam rolling might do the trick. Hopefully it’s nothing more. Going to rest today (Monday) as well just for added measure. I really don’t want to overwork it and regret it later.

Total Miles: 28.10 miles

8 weeks down, 15 weeks to go!

Other exciting things:

Came home from house sitting to find that a Starbucks is going up near by!!! The closest ones are to the left and right of us but are a good couple miles, 15 minutes away. So this is a really exciting thing for me… Sorry WaWa’s, I love your coffee, but I love Starbucks more…image-17

Discovered Bolthouse Farms juice smoothies. Why did I not know about these before? My sister has started drinking the Strawberry Banana ones and had some of the other flavors in the refrigerator to try. The Berry Boost flavor was delicious! I am super picky about texture and the Naked brand is sometimes hard for me to down. This one is more “liquidy” (is this even a word?) and not as thick. Looking forward to trying the other flavors!


Made these yummy looking popsicles last night (FINALLY). I took lots of pics and will be writing a post with recipe sometime this week! Trae and I tried one this afternoon and they’re pretty tasty!


Pom-Pineapple Greek Yogurt Swirl Popsicles

Looking at these for my next possible running shoe purchase. I need to find them in a store where I can go try them on, but so far the reviews have been really positive. Anyone have these, tried them, know someone who has? Tell me about them!


Signing up for The Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon sometime this week or next! Look for a post about the race soon.


How did your weekly miles add up?

How do you deal with the really hard runs? What helps you get through them?

Where’s your favorite coffee stop?


8 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 8

  1. George has the trail gloves and some Vibram 5 fingers, both are sooo thin and the Vapor gloves are even thinner. It took him about 4-5 months to get used to the barefoot running technique, but now he wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. I’m not sure if you found me or I found you, BUT I’m happy soooo happy to have found your blog! We are running the same exact races – Crawlin Crab and Richmond! You also took the words right out of my mouth about the straight boring trails. I run at First Landing State Park and the main trail is my worst enemy.

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  4. Ahh the Crawlin Crab race sounds SO fun!! I miss living in VA…I lived there when I was in college out in the Hampton Roads area. Nice job on your week of running! Starbursts sound like great runner fuel 🙂

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