Mile x Mile: 5mi. progression run & 5mi. trail run

Sooo… I finally ordered and received my first Camelbak!  After a weird mishap with a seller on Amazon, my original order was cancelled without my knowledge and therefore never shipped to me.  I got it all figured out and went elsewhere to purchase.

Running Warehouse had (and as far as I can tell, is still having) their 2012 liquidation sale and luckily, I found a Camelbak.  The Camelbak Annadel (2012) was marked down from $55.00 to $32.88; I also had a promo code knocking the price to about $25.00! Pretty good deal; I couldn’t pass it up.  (Planning to write a review of it soon, need to use it a few more times.)  Anyways, now that I have this backpack, I can carry my phone with me and take pictures on my runs!


Wednesday evening I decided on 5 miles.  I was in my parent’s neck of the woods so I decided to make 2 loops around their neighborhood and the connecting streets.  My mom always enjoys the excuse to get out on her bike so she rode along with me.


I must have been super excited about my Camelbak arriving because I started off faster than normal.  I decided to try a progression style run.  After the first mile, I slowed down and then every mile after, I sped up by about 00:45 – 1:00.  The splits:  9:07, 11:09, 10:31, 9:46, and 8:56;  average pace:  9:53




My legs look crazy because I was running backwards…

Thursday night, I met up with my running friend at the local tree farm.  There are trails that run through the farm and make a 5 mile loop.  It had rained the night before so it was quite muddy and made for some slow sections.  Some of the puddles were really deep and some were just completely unavoidable.  Still an enjoyable run overall.






…and yes, you may or may not be noticing that I do have the same top on as the run the night before… I was coming back from work and was about to go into the house and change.  However, when I opened the garage door, a crazy alarm was going off in the house we’ve been watching and a TV was on and I refused to go in alone.  Luckily, I had had my running clothes from the night before in my bag. I had planned this run with my friend and wasn’t going to cancel on account of not having clean clothes.  I knew I was just going to end up sweaty and muddy anyways… Oh well

Oh and that alarm and TV?  Turns out the power went out and made things go crazy when it came back on, so all is well in that department.

Finished up on the trails with 5.10 miles.

So far this week I’ve run 13.85 miles.  I have a 14 mile long run planned for tomorrow morning at the state park trails and then a short 2-3 mile recovery run on Sunday. - Let's workout really hard, then rehydrate with margaritas!

Hope everyone else’s weeks are going good!!! Sending out lots of good running vibes for your long runs and some strong ends to the week!

What’s your long run goal for this weekend?    Did you have a favorite run this week? 

Non-running related question:  Any good alcoholic beverages I should know about?  Going on vacation soon and need some new recipes to try at the beach!


7 thoughts on “Mile x Mile: 5mi. progression run & 5mi. trail run

  1. I love Running Warehouse sales 🙂 Too funny, I too have been known to re-wear running clothes. I figure they get sticky right away anyways!

  2. Hope your long run went well. I had a 13-miler on Friday, and it was so hot by the time I finished. I was wiped out for the rest of the day! If you’ve never tried one before, Malibu Bay Breezes are delicious & perfect for the beach. Can’t go wrong with coconut rum, cranberry & pineapple. YUM!

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