The Barefoot Running Revolution: Infographic

If you’ve been reading the blog, you know that I am madly in love with the Brooks PureProject line, especially the PureConnect 2’s.  I have mentioned that I eventually want to try Vibram FiveFingers or one of the Merrell Gloves and really go minimalist.  I always thought that I would need the shoes with more support rather than less and have been pleasantly surprised to find that the shoes with some of the least amount of cushioning have been the most successful.

I found this and thought I’d share the information!  Maybe minimalist shoes are right for you as well!

The Barefoot Running Revolution

by Neomam.
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9 thoughts on “The Barefoot Running Revolution: Infographic

    • I know people who love it and people who wouldn’t even dare consider it. Just depends on the person and the feet. I doubt I’ll run in any other shoes now. I tried my “regular” running shoes the other day and they felt pounds heavier than my pureconnects! Finding those shoes has made all the difference in my running.

  1. Hmm I’ve always been curious about barefoot running, especially when I saw a man at the track once running barefoot, blew my mind. I purchased Vibrams since they are the second closest thing. I’ll admit, it’s a little uncomfortable and hard on the joints, especially since I am flat footed. I tried running in them on the treadmill and the impact wasn’t too bad. I would just be worried about the long term effects on my joints and having a serious case of runners feet haha, blisters, calluses, and all! 🙂 Great post, as always 🙂


  2. I attended the New Balance Good Form Running clinic at my local Fleet Feet store. The instructor spoke about the benefits of barefoot running. I really didn’t “get it” until he taped us once wearing our running shoes and once barefoot. For some people it made a huge difference between heel-striking (which we all did with regular running shoes) and mid-foot strike. For me, there wasn’t much of a difference. I still heel-striked and it just felt awkward. But I think the concept is interesting related to using correct form.

    • I really think it all depends on the individual. In my experience, it changed everything going from regular shoes to my more minimal brooks. I doubt I’ll ever go back. But some people definitely don’t like the feeling or truly need the extra support. I definitely enjoy my runs more being in the right shoes, mine just happen to be minimalist.

  3. I have been tempted to try barefoot, but with my supination and larger frame, it worries me, especially with a full slate of races upcoming. Great info in this post!

    • It definitely has to be a gradual change. Whenever I move to the “real” barefoot shoes like the Vibrams, I’ll probably use them for only the treadmill until I’m really accustomed to the feel.

  4. Its good that youre doing your research! I worked in a running shoe store and too many people who didn’t know enough about the shoe got them —they can really hurt ya if you dont break them in right!

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