The Weekly Chase #1: Goals for the Coming Week

Road Runner Girl
The Weekly Chase is hosted by Molly & Mindy
“I believe setting goals for yourself is extremely important. And those goals need to be S.M.A.R.T. goals. They need to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Because otherwise you are setting yourself up to fail. Make those goals where you can achieve them! That’s where success comes in to play! And that’s what The Weekly Chase is all about!”
– See more at: RoadRunnerGirl
My Weekly Goals to Chase:
  1. Run 4 – 5 times this week.  This is the usual amount of days I run during the week.  I think it’s a good balance of rest days (catch up on sleep days) and running days.
  2. Add a few core/ab workouts.  I was starting to be really good about this, but it’s slipped my mind the last two weeks or so.
  3. Finish City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.  Mostly because it’s due back July 29 and I can’t renew.  I don’t want to have to join the waiting list for it again.  It’s a mile long.
  4. Cook dinner at home at least 3 times. Because it’s only Trae and I, cooking at home is more than often more expensive than or the same cost as going out.  With both of us having fairly busy schedules (hers:  work, running, work, running, repeat.  his:  golf, golf tournaments, personal training sessions, golf coaching sessions, repeat)  it’s just so much quicker to grab a meal out.  I found quite a few new recipes I want to try and am determined to at least attempt cooking at home a few times this week.  It’s so much healthier too.
  5. Bake those Lemon Earl Grey Bars.  I’ve been drooling over this recipe and really want to taste them.  Definitely will be posting about this once it happens.
  6. Run between 27 – 30 miles.  Week 7 of marathon training, bring it!

What goals do you have for this week? 

Link up your goals with this week’s Weekly Chase!


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