Marathon Training Week 6: 7/15 – 7/21

7/15/13 – 7/21/13

Phew, this week was the hottest week we’ve had so far this summer in Southeastern Virginia.  It unfortunately made for a week full of treadmill runs… ugh what a drag.  Thank goodness for iPhones and television apps, because I would have been bored out of my mind otherwise.  At least running on the treadmill lets me catch up with my shows…

So here’s how this week added up:

4     photo6

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: morning run, 3.6 miles on the treadmill; finished watching an episode of ABC’s Mistresses; 10:30/pace


Wednesday:  lazy day? We’re all entitled to these right?  Trae was home during the afternoon, so we grabbed a late lunch, crashed, and caught up on some True Blood.  It was a much needed day of “doing nothing.”

photo (2)

lazy dayz

Thursday:  morning run, 5.1 miles on the treadmill, accompanied by some more Mistresses; 10:17/pace


Post-run smoothie: Blimey Limey 🙂

Friday:  6 miles, on the treadmill, yet again… 10:31/pace


broojs2brooks These guys arrived!

Saturday:  rest; Brooks PureConnect 2 in the new summer color came today… I was very excited, can you tell?


BBQ Bacon (NO CHEDDAR) Burger from Yard House. Delicious.

Sunday:  morning long trail run, 12 miles;  it was tough, and hot.  My running friend and I conquered some trails we hadn’t ventured in quite a while.  It was a tough run that included some sandy sections and some hills.  The heat mixed with the terrain made for a difficult run.  I am not a big fan of energy gels, the texture at that point in the run just doesn’t work out for me.  I really need to find an alternative for these hot long runs.  Based on my height/weight, I lost 1300 calories on this run.  1300 calories is about what I eat in a day, so my energy at the end was hitting empty.  Any suggestions?  I was thinking about bringing some saltines or pretzels along next time.


Pre-run breakfast… learned that this needs to be bumped up during hot long runs.

photo (1)


Much needed post-run food. It was completely devoured.


Family birthdays called for cake. How pretty is this?!

TOTAL: 26.7 miles

 6 weeks down, 17 weeks to go!

How did your weekly miles add up???

What do you use for energy during long runs?  Has anyone tried the Honey Stinger Waffles?

Any other good shows I should be catching up on?

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7 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 6: 7/15 – 7/21

  1. Great week. Why so many treadmill runs? I’d go crazy! I can’t believe you only eat 1300 calories a day, wow I am probably 3x this during marathon training. I use Huma Gel on my long runs only thing that doesn’t lead to GI issues.

    • 100 degree weather = treadmills for me. I can’t take the heat! Believe me, I wouldn’t be on the treadmill otherwise. And the calorie thing, I’m learning the hard way that I need to bump that up during my training. My 12 mile run crash and burn on Sunday definitely got my attention!!! I had nothing left in the last two miles. Food here I come! I’ll have to try that gel out, my stomach is so picky when I’m running. It doesn’t like much more than plain, bland, and coffee.

  2. Only 1300 calories! Wow you make me feel so greedy. Have you tried the Clif Bar Energy bars? I find them really good- the oatmeal and raisin ones are really nice. On the longer runs I take a variety of foods to keep me interested: cereal bars, flapjacks. Marzipan is fantastic for long runs because its got the sugar hit you need plus (I tell myself) the almonds in it provide protein. And of course if you can’t stomach gels there’s the runner’s staple of jelly babies (although are you in the US? I don’t know if they have them there. If not then jelly beans!) You should be eating something at least every half an hour on an endurance run. Oops just realized I’ve written loads- sorry!

    • I don’t count calories or anything like that. I am just very picky and I’m very bad about eating breakfast. I am not ashamed of devouring junk food, especially if Doritos are in the vicinity! I definitely learned this weekend that I need to up the calories in order to maintain a decent run in this heat, especially as the mileage for each week goes up! Maybe some jolly ranchers or some kind of other sweet like jelly beans would be a good sugar rush along with a bread-like carb.

  3. Just found your blog! Love it! I’m a big time reader and am training for my first marathon! I have been struggling in the heat this summer too, but luckily the trail where I’ve been doing my long runs is super shaded which helps a ton!

    • The trails are definitely the best place during the summer! The treadmill and I have really become great friends the past months too. Good luck with your training! Which marathon are you training for?

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