Just a Few Things…

Just a few things to mention…

1.  Reading Runner Girl is now on Facebook!  Like if you’d like!851581_371114989659302_1663619632_n

2.  Reading Runner Girl is now on Bloglovin!

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3.  I had not yet signed up for the OBX Marathon and decided to switch to the Anthem Richmond Marathon, November 16, Richmond, VA.  I have family in Richmond and can save some money by not having to get a hotel.  Plus, I read that the Richmond Marathon features two “junk food” stations and my sweet tooth got the best of me.  This marathon was also named “America’s Friendliest Marathon.”  Needless to say, I am excited about this switch.


4.  Words of Wisdom

Lululemon_CrazyThingImage Courtesy of Lululemon Athletica.

5.  #RunHappy and Embrace the Crazy


6.  You can also follow me via Instagram & Twitter

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