Who is the Runner behind ‘Reading Runner Girl’?

Three Words That Describe My Running:    1.  Driven – I have always run in some form or fashion (Crew/Rowing practice, basketball, track- ran 100m and 300m hurdles and 4×400 relay) but I never had any thoughts of doing something with it or taking it further.  Until last year, running was an exercise, a means of training for other sports.  I never found it difficult, I just didn’t think of it as anything more than an easy way to stay fit.  It has now become a lifestyle.  I build my weekend plans around my long run (my social life takes a beating, but it’s worth it), I bring my running shoes and clothes to work so I can leave and go straight to my run, and I get up two hours early if I need to, to make sure I can fit it in.  2. Fun  When I decided to start running seriously I made a point to promise myself that if it should never become dreadful.  Running for me isn’t so much about the time or pace (I do still value these things, they just aren’t #1), it’s about how far I can go, it’s about enjoying the time I spend on my runs.  I’m doing this for me, so why be miserable?  3.  Distance My running goals are mostly about seeing how far I can go, no matter how long it takes or how slow I may need to pace myself.  I am aiming for my first full marathon in November, and hopefully a 50k in December… other Ultras are calling my name too, but I don’t want to go too far too fast.

Best Run Ever:  As of right now, my best run ever would definitely be my first half-marathon.  You can read all about it here.

Crossing the finish line.

Crossing the finish line.

Habits While Running:  I have really long hair, it’s past my waist; when it’s up in a ponytail during runs, it swings back and forth and hits my elbows and sometimes I use this to help me keep pace.

Morning, Mid-day, or Evening:  Long runs – definitely morning;  All other runs I definitely prefer morning or evening, mid-afternoon is just an awkward time.

I Won’t Run Outside When.. I’m alone, unless I’m in specific areas.  Or, when it is boiling, I prefer not to run in the heat.

Potential Running Goal For 2013  See my post on my goals for the next 6 months here.


Next Race Is…  I’m a procrastinator when it comes to signing up for races, mostly because I’m on a budget and I usually work Saturdays.  There aren’t too many Sunday races in my area.  The race I’m most definitely signing up for in the next week is The Outer Banks Marathon, November 10, 2013.  I will also be registering for the Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon, October 6, 2013.  I am hoping to have some Saturdays off in order to run in the Wicked 10k, Virginia Beach, October and the Heart of Ghent 10k, Norfolk, September.

If you could go on a run anywhere in the world, where would it be?  Well outside of the U.S. I’d really love to run through the Siena region of Italy.  Within the U.S., Hawaii’s Kalalau Trail.

Vineyards in Siena

Vineyards in Siena

Would you rather run without your GPS or without your Music?  Without music.  I love my Garmin and to be honest, I don’t run with music unless I’m on the treadmill (but those times I don’t run with my Garmin).  During my long runs or any runs outside, I’m usually with my running friend or a group, so music isn’t necessary.

Would you rather start a race in the front or in the back?  In the back because my competitive side is motivated by passing people.

What is the furthest distance you have ever run? 15 miles

What shoes do you run in?
 Roads and treadmill – Brooks PureConnect2,  Trails, or areas that I know are muddy ahead of time – Asics Gel Noose Tri-8… I have fallen in love with my Brooks though and want to try out their trail shoes once I’ve worn out my Asics.

Brooks PureConnect2

Brooks PureConnect2

Asics Gel-Noosa Tri 8

Asics Gel-Noosa Tri 8

What are your favorite and least favorite distances to run or race?  Favorite now is the half,  if I had to pick a least favorite it would be a 5k.

Do you have a running partner?  I have a friend that I run with and we usually make a point to do at least one run a week together if not more.  It definitely makes the long runs more enjoyable and keeps me going on the days that I’m struggling.

What music do you listen to when running? If I do happen to listen to music, I usually turn on Pandora.  My favorite stations are “Sweet Nothing (by Calvin Harris & Florence Welch),” “Lana Del Rey,” “Talking Heads,” and occasionally some “Lil’ Wayne.”

What are some other exercises you love? In high school I was on the crew team, so I love to use the erg (rowing machine) on any days I deem cross-training days.  Tone It Up’s Beach Babe dvd is fun too!

Tone It Up! Beach Babe DVD

Tone It Up! Beach Babe DVD

Are you currently training for something?  Yep! In the midst of week 4 of marathon training.  Planning to run the Outer Banks Marathon in November.


Advice for new runners
?  It really is possible.  You can run that 5k, or half marathon, or even a marathon!  You just have to want it bad enough and take the time to work at it…  And when you do cross the finish line, revel in that moment and then do it again… oh, and taking walk breaks is completely OKAY!!!



One thought on “Who is the Runner behind ‘Reading Runner Girl’?

  1. That’s awesome that you are able to run with a buddy so often. I moved away from my running buddy and I miss the long runs and chats. They were always the best runs, even if they were a little bit slower. And I agree, Italy would be an amazing place to run.

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