Marathon Training Week 4

After being on vacation last week and completely slacking, I knew even just getting in an extra mile or two this week was important. As of right now, I usually do 3 runs during the work week and then my long run on the weekend. During one of my runs this week I was trying to calculate how my weeks were going to look once I was into the 25+ mile weeks. Fridays are going to be my best bet and will have to become my “overflow days.”

Any other runners have a secret to squeezing in those extra miles? Any opinions on two-a-day runs???

So here’s how this week added up:


Monday: rest

Tuesday: 3.6 treadmill, joined Trae for an early morning workout at the gym

Wednesday: 4.3 mile trail run with my friend Sam. I’m pretty sure I convinced her to train for a September 10k, which I’m really excited about. Running is such a passion of mine and when I can share it with others it’s a great feeling. I’m hoping it wasn’t the heat talking…

Thursday: Phew what a hot one, 5 mile tempo run with Tanya. You can find the splits and read about it here.

Friday: rest day spent laying out in the pool with family

Saturday: rest, 25 squats. I decided to start working out the other muscles in my legs and will be doing a daily squat build up.

Sunday: Long Run – 10.5 miles total, 10.10 ran (1:48:43, 10:45 min pace) and .40 cool down walk, 50 squats

TOTAL: 23.40 miles and 75 squats


Long Run – Sunday – 1:48:43


Powered my way through with my girl Santigold.


Mmmm, tried one of these delicious things this weekend… I suggest that you try one too.

4 weeks down, 18 weeks to go!

How did your weekly miles add up???


7 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 4

  1. Nice week! I love sharing running with others too, and convincing people to run races with you is always the most fun! I love the Wendy’s cones. They’re such an inexpensive, and not terribly overindulgent treat. And as far as fitting in the extra miles, I say don’t. If you miss it, don’t try to squeeze it in somewhere else. You’ll end up overdoing it and hurting yourself. Just try to refocus and not miss again. It really won’t hurt you that much. NYC Marathon sent out an email last year that I saw someone post about that said if you finish 80% of your training plan you’re right on target, if you’ve done less you should step it up, and if you’ve done more there could be a chance that you’re overtraining. I think a lot of plans that that into consideration. What marathon are you training for?

    • Yeah, if I miss a day I’m usually not too hard on myself about it. I’m more worried about adding the extra miles the deeper I get into my training while balancing work, grad school, etc. I’m training for the Outer Banks Marathon. It’s in November so I have plenty of time to prepare. The summer heat down here in the south is what’s killing me. And 10-13 mile runs on the treadmill are just dreadful!

  2. Which app are you using to track things on your phone? I have Android not IPhone but am not happy with my current tracking system for my workouts and am scouting out apps!

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