Happy Fourth


Hope everyone is enjoying their day off!  I started mine with a nice 5 mile tempo run.  What better way to celebrate our freedom than to go running?!

Me and my running friend ran 1.5 mi. warm up, 2 mi. race pace, 1.5 mi. cool down.

Splits:  10:58, 10:27, 9:17, 9:37, 10:36

Note that the second mile was half warm-up, half race pace and the same for the fourth mile.  Next time we’ll probably shoot for an even number to get more accurate splits.  Those two middle race pace miles felt really good and has me itching to keep pushing them to be a little faster.  I’d be happy to get them between 8:00 – 8:30.

Heading to the pool to enjoy this sunny weather and my day off!  Hope everyone else is doing the same.


Go be free!



2 thoughts on “Happy Fourth

  1. Nice work! I have yet to master an actual tempo run. My body seems to enjoy going one pace, and one pace only, unless I’m surrounded by other runners in a race-scenario. Glad you had a good 4th!

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