Marathon Training Week 2

2 weeks down, 20 to go.

Many of the training plans I looked at were anywhere from 16 – 18 weeks but since it is summer and life vacations happen.  I figured I should give myself some leeway. Speaking of vacations, I’m heading out on one today… I’ll be in the middle of the mountains and the George Washington National Forest on the Virginia/West Virginia border.  And as long as wi-fi and cell service exists up there, I will still be doing some minor blogging…and definitely running.  The place where we are staying is part of a series of trail networks.  I’m really excited to check them out.  Keep a look out for some awesome photos!

Week 2:  20 miles

Monday – rest

Tuesday – cross-train/”Sucker-Punch” (My abs literally felt like someone punched me the next day, best ab workout ever! I’ll have to post the circuit soon.)

Wednesday – 7.45 miles trail/woods/mud

Thursday – 4.50 miles intervals on treadmill

Friday – rest

Saturday – supposed to be long run, turned out being 4.35 miles hills, 4.00 miles treadmill = 8.35 miles

Total week 2 miles:  20.30 miles


How did your mileage stack up this week?


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