#SundayRunday … a little early

Well if I’m being honest, it was a little late.

I was supposed to meet my friend Tanya at 9:15… I live 30 minutes away from our meetup spot.  I remember waking up at 7:45 to my alarm clock and thinking I’ll just lay here for a few more minutes.  I woke back up, checked my phone and saw that my “few more minutes” had turned into over an hour!  I should have already been on my way.  Luckily, Tanya still wanted to meet up and was kind enough to wait for me.  I felt awful.

Starting late meant it was going to be a lot more hot and humid out.  We had previously decided on 8.0 miles for today.  We set out and discussed that we would run until the heat was too much.  We changed our route and added a decent size hill that we would run over twice, just incase we had to end our run early.  At 4.35 miles, we were passing our cars and decided to call it quits.  The heat and the hills were getting the best of us.


I decided to head home and jump on the treadmill for the last 4.0 miles.



Total Distance:  8.35 miles

Heading to the pool… hope everyone gets their run in this weekend!




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