My Go-To Running Gear, splurge vs. save

My Running "Go-To" Gear

My Running “Go-To” Gear

When to save:  While I may love to shop and would prefer to sport the latest Nike, UnderArmour, etc., on a budget, it just isn’t always possible.  Target and T.J. Maxx have become great allies in supporting my growing activewear collection.  *Secret for buying sports bras at Target:  if you wear a Small/Medium in women’s, try a Large/XLarge in the children’s sports bras.  They are just as good but $5-$10 cheaper!!!*  Old Navy has great compression gear too, and for decent prices, as compression styles can get really pricey.  I recommend going cheap when buying the clothes, they’ll get dirty, funky, and will be discarded at the same rate as the expensive clothing.

When to splurge:

  1. SHOES!  Running shoes are the key to the whole experience.  Without proper footwear you will be more prone to injury.  The right style, brand, and fit will determine the comfort level of your run.  Fashion over pain?  This shouldn’t even be a question when it comes to fitness.  A smart runner isn’t looking at shoes and judging the color.  That’s the last choice they make, if there is a choice at all.  If you’re going to put an investment into running, invest in your shoes.  Google “local running stores” and find a place near you.  Sports “department store” employees (Dick’s, Finish Line, Sports Authority) are only there to run to grab your size.  While some of these people may be knowledgeable on the shoes, they won’t be as informed as those working in a running specialty store.  The running specialists will actually measure your feet, discuss injuries, watch you run, and target problem areas.
  2. GPS watches:  My Garmin is my best friend during my outdoor runs.  I went with one of the more basic styles from Garmin, the Forerunner 10 (a birthday present from the man-friend, awesome right?).  It displays my mileage, time, pace, and calories, all with the push of a button.  The watch even stores my run history including PRs made while using the watch and splits.  The watch even features a pacer that will alert you when you are on, ahead, or behind pace.  I absolutely love this GPS watch, it was one of the best birthday presents Trae could’ve thought to give me.

Know of any places to get good deals on running attire?  Have a favorite pair/brand of shoes?  When do you splurge vs. save?  Have any requests on running gear you’d like me to review?

  Share your thoughts, questions, and comments below…no login needed!


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