Marathon Training Week 1 + Links I’m Loving…

Week One of Marathon Training: Total Miles Planned: 19 miles

Monday – Ab/core workout

Tuesday – 3.0 miles (treadmill)

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – 3.0 miles (easy trail run)

Friday – 6.0 miles (road)

Saturday – rest

Sunday – 7 miles (road) and Ab/core workout

Miles completed: 19 miles

Within the next few weeks I plan on designating one of the weekdays as a tempo/track speedwork day, alternating between the two types every other week. I’m also experimenting with the Nuun tabs as well as the GU Brew tabs to see which one I prefer and if they make a difference at all. Look for a review on those as well as some of my other favorite energy products for before and during the race in the upcoming weeks.



  1. Five Pillars of Wisdom – A few noteworthy running coaches give their best advice [Running Times]
  2. Minimalism in the Long Run The future for minimalist shoes… This article is a few months old, however, the topic came up in conversation recently and I thought it would be nice to revisit… This spring I decided I wanted to give barefoot running a go and purchased a pair of Brooks PureConnect2. Needless to say, I will never look back, they are the best things my feet have ever run in. [Running Times]

    Brooks PureConnect2

    Brooks PureConnect2

  3. …speaking of minimal/barefoot running… Are You Ready to Go Minimal? – this article uses 4 self-tests that allow you to assess whether or not you are physically prepared to go minimal and if not, how you can “improve foot strength, flexibility, sensitivity, and skill.” [Running Times]
  4. While qualifying for Boston is light-years away for a mid-pack runner like me, the desire to get there some day is still undoubtedly there… Rave Races: Best Boston Marathon Qualifiers – 4 different races throughout North America offer characteristics that aid in crushing that qualifying time… 3,000 ft. of descent? finisher bottle of wine? 350 runner limit = no crowd? [Women’s Running]
  5. Best Warm Weather Running Gear – Women’s Health shares their picks on the best gear to keep cool during summer workouts. [Women’s Health]
  6. 75 Ways to Start Your Summer Off LightCooking Light shares their best advice on having a healthy summer: staying hydrated, watermelon salsa, green tea, tropical frozen yogurt, cocktails, summer quinoa, and a soothing face paste made out of a few pantry ingredients are just a few of the tips you’ll find. [Cooking Light]
  7. Book Release Calendar June 2013 – Check out this calendar that gives you the Title, Author, Series, Series # of every book being released throughout the month of June. [FictFact]



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