Was I Still Dreaming?

A rare awesome thing happened yesterday.

Trae (boyfriend, manfriend, significant other, partner in crime) FINALLY joined me on a run. This is something that never happens.

This is Trae!

This is Trae!

Trae is an athlete. Trae is not out of shape in the least, he has a personal trainer and works out everyday. He just really hates running (something I’ll never understand, perhaps it’s an acquired taste). His sport of choice is golf, no running required. He tells me my passion for running and the distances I can go deem me INSANE. He tells me I might be from another planet for enjoying torture running.

How I convinced him, I’m not sure. Maybe it was the smoothie I promised he’d get after the run. All in all, I was thrilled that he wanted to run. Really, it made my day.

I decided to take him on a trail run at a local state park that I frequent. I wanted him to see my favorite running route. We decided on an easy distance of 3 miles.

We stretched and started out around 9:00am. It is getting really humid and hot down here in VA, so at 9:00am it was already uncomfortably warm.


We ran at a slow enjoyable pace. This run was not about time but instead giving Trae a taste of one of my favorite things. It was a relaxing run, especially because it was in a very pretty place. Because its summer, the trees are grown in and lush, squirrels and birds are everywhere. Its teeming with life. There are lots of distractions to keep you entertained during the run.



After the run, we went and enjoyed some spinach and kale smoothies, as promised. I found the run to be a treat, relaxing, and enjoyable. And, although I was unsuccessful in converting Trae into a runner, I’m really glad he pushed through his hatred for three miles… Maybe next week, I can convince him to run half a mile more?



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