The first post. aka About Me.

First Half-Marathon
[Post-Race, First Half-Marathon]

My name is Madelyn.  I love to run. I love to read.

I am a runner who loves to read.

This blog is a space for me to share my thoughts on my two favorite hobbies, reading and running,

as well as the other odds & ends.

I am a twenty-something living in Virginia.  I recently graduated from college with my B.A. in Art History  and a minor in Studio Art.  I work in a library.  During my free-time I run.

Sixth Annual Art Students' Juried Exhibition. My 'Teapot in Black & White.'  - Porcelain with glaze, slab/hand built.
[Sixth Annual Art Students’ Juried Exhibition. My ‘Teapot in Black & White.’ – Porcelain with glaze, slab/hand-built.]

I also read. A LOT.

I am an online graduate student working towards earning my Masters in Library & Information Science.  Yes… I said it, Library Science.  “What in the world is that? And WHAT do you need that for???”  Glad you asked!  I want to be a LIBRARIAN!  And yes, again, you heard me correctly… a librarian, a career choice that requires an MLS/MLIS.

I also have goals in regards to my running.  I recently completed my first half marathon and am counting down the days to cross my next finish line.  I also plan on completing my first full marathon November 2013… and a 50K Trail run December 2013.

This blog contains the triumphs, the training, and the tears of my journey to a becoming a full marathoner and ultra runner.  Posts include tips, tricks, do’s and don’t’s, race reviews, healthy eating, and anything else running.  sidenote:  i can’t promise these topics will be pretty or sugar-coated… running has its ugly days…

Running Ugliness...
[Running Ugliness…]

This blog contains my adventures in pursuing my dream job as a librarian.  Book reviews.  New Releases. Funny encounters at the library.  You’d be surprised at the things I see, hear, and/or find, at the library; weird things are a common occurrence.

Librarian Problems... leaving with more books everyday.
[Librarian Problems… leaving with more books everyday.]



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